8 Hacks To Stay Cool Without Air Conditioning In The Summer

4. Don’t generate heat yourself

You might have heard your mom complain about how tough it is to cooking during summer afternoons. This is because cooking not only generates heat but also doubles the intensity of the heat. The same is the case with using any device that produces heat. So, it is better to do your house chores during the early hours of the morning or at night. Apart from this, turn the lights on only when it’s necessary and replace your incandescent bulbs with CFLs or LEDs as incandescents not only consume a lot of power but also radiate a lot of heat. 

5. Go green 

Strategically placed plants, shrubs, and vines can work as great air conditioning substitutes. Plant shady trees around your house to block the sun’s rays. Green plants placed in boxes near the window (window boxes) can cool the air that is flowing into the house. You may also go for vines like ivy that grow rapidly. 

Another way of going green is to introduce certain dietary modifications into your life. You need to keep your body cool from the inside as well. Avoid foods that generate body heat (red meat, mutton, fried food, etc.) and include more vegetables into your diet. Seasonal fruits like mangoes, watermelon, and grapes will help you stay cool and energized. 

6. Breathable bedding and cooling curtains

Make use of cotton blankets and sheets as they are one of the most breathable materials. During the nighttime, cover the window openings with damp sheets. When the breeze hits the damp fabric, it brings in cool air, keeping the temperature down in your home. 

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